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How to Start a Margin Free Market

About Margin Free Franchise Business

Margin Free Market Private Limited, The Franchiser, is registered company (Registration Number 09-14277 of 2000) with administrative rights to employ franchisees to sell products produced fully or partly by itself or sourced from other distributors or manufacturers.

How to become a Margin Free Franchisee

Applications can be furnished directly either to Margin Free Market Private Ltd or Consumer Protection and Guidance Society. Franchisees are accepted after site inspection.

Franchisees need to make an interest-free security deposit of Rs 50,000. This amount will be returned to the franchisee, on closure of the franchise shop.

Who can be a Franchisee?

Margin Free franchisees are accepted as individual proprietorship, partnership, company, society or associations.

Minimum Floor Space Required by the Franchisee

The minimum floor space required is variable between 1000 sq ft and 4000 sq ft. Rural areas require only 500 to 900 sq ft. The location must produce a business of Rs 60 for an investment of Rs 1000.

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